The PUNCH Newspaper is an official media partner of the DSVRT, working to provide, among other things, awareness for the team's programmes. Through this partnership, The PUNCH, a household newspaper especially in Lagos State, brings to the fore, issues of sexual violence, which the team has intervened successfully in. The PUNCH is presently represented on the team by a correspondent, Olaleye Aluko, who writes crime news on the Metro Desk.


The Ben Bruce Foundation was inaugurated in October 2014 as a special purpose vehicle to drive poverty alleviation, empowerment and protection for the less privileged and socially vulnerable in our society. Through the illustrious and visionary leadership of Senator Ben Murray Bruce, the foundation has emerged as a front-liner in the battle against the suppression and oppression of masses both men and women, young and old in Nigeria. The Ben Bruce Foundation within a short while has made tremendous impact in the aspect of educational sponsorships for children from humble backgrounds. Despite the sobering and harsh realities of widening socio-economic disparities, the foundation is making immense efforts to bridge the gap. Hundreds of children in several states in Nigeria are beneficiaries of the meritorious educational sponsorship scheme provided by the foundation. The foundation has in fact in recently launched and is currently prosecuting a large-scale campaign for zero-tolerance against rape and domestic violence in our society. The mass media and social media platforms are giving the much desired impetus in this fight to protect the women in our society.


Child Health Advocacy Initiative was initiated by United States Agency For International Development(USAID)- BASICS 11.The focus of the organization is to promote the survival and development of women and children in Nigeria. CHAI engages in maternal and child health awareness campaign through the use of electronic and print media, billboards, events,information and educational materials. We also donate materials to Lagos state primary health care centres. Our focus areas are: Safe motherhood, Rights of women and children,Girl child education,Nutrition(Breastfeeding campaign), Immunization,Female Genital Mutilation etc. We partner with DSVRT to promote the rights of the child through our Child protection programme, by training Lagos state teachers to detect and report child abuse cases in schools. CHAI works with the federal, states, local governments,NGO's and private sector , we are also a member of Lagos state maternal and child mortality reduction committee(MCMR) Website: